Invest in your own Cryosauna today! Purchase within the month of April and receive $2000.00 cashback.

Cryo HQ South Pacific import the safest, most efficient and technologically advanced Cryosauna on the market today. The manufacturer of our product was established 2002 and have been building, and continuously improving their products through innovation and cutting edge technology for 16 years. They have been sold throughout America, Europe and Asia and we are proud to bring this technology to Australia.

So why choose Cryo HQ South Pacific for the purchase of you Cryosauna?

  • Customer Service – we care, and provide a remote phone helpdesk support service
  • Trained Technicians in Australia – for installation of machine, training and ongoing servicing
  • Gas Consumption – Efficient on gas cinsumption compared to other machines on the market
  • Vortex Technology – the has rotates within the chamber, making it more efficient with gas and a better treatment and experience for the customer
  • Technology – Smart multimedia system with Full HD 10″ inches tablet PC with USB port

We would like to invite you to our showroom in Liverpool for a demonstration of our product, so you’re able to experience the whole bosy cryotherapy treatment for yourself.

Interested? Contact us 1800 842 200